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Take a tour through a pre-Civil War era mansion at the Mercer-Williams House, or visit the birthplace of the Girl Scouts of America at the Juliette Gordon Low House. Take a trolley tour through Savannah, or take a movie tour to learn about feature films produced here. Museums in Savannah contain pieces of work that are sure to enthrall you, while statues stand prominently throughout the city to commemorate its rich history

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For more than three decades, Landmark Tour & Travel has been one of the premiere travel agencies for students in the South. We provide first-class travel planning, secure and safe travel environments, and highly trained travel consultants to assist with travel needs. Visit some of our popular destinations such as, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Montgomery, New York and Orlando!

We are pleased to present an expanded list of destinations and options, and we feel very confident that we offer a tour to complement any curriculum. Give one of our experienced agents a call today. The correct contact name and phone number to call for your chosen destination is listed .

We'd love to help make your next educational tour a breeze for you and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your students.

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