Registration Help

If your school's trip specific link does not appear you will need to contact your teacher to get your link.  Registration has either closed, or they do not want it public.  For those reasons our office cannot provide the sign-up link to you if it is not listed here, and a phone call will not change that.

If you have logged in previously but now forgotten your password, please use the "forgotten password" option that is located below the area for your email address and password.

Still having problems !!!!

The reasons why are below, but the easiest thing to do is email [email protected] .  In the email, include only your school name, names of all participating in the trip and teacher name.   

Please do not call me at the office to do this. 

Reason #1  you didn't enter your email correctly or you are not entering your passord correctly.

Reason #2   your email service is blocking emails from my email.  You can fix this, but I can't tell you how so please just email me and I can give you your password.