Registration Helpful Hints


Helpful Hint #1                 

If your trip does appear please click on the link to sign-up for your trip.  I highly recommend you click the link on our website!!  Typing the link correctly seems to be a huge issue for many users, please click the link

Helpful Hint #2                 

Type your email address in twice then double and triple check for correctness.

Helpful Hint #3.                

"Occupancy" is how many are in a room.  Double is two people in a room, triple is 3, and Quad is 4.

Helpful Hint #4                 

You will need to repeat this process for everyone participating in the trip.  Each person registered with the same email will be accessible through that email.  You can have as many as you want on the same single email account.  If separate emails are used there will be a separate account for each email. 

Helful Hint #5                    

Once you have added the passenger to the trip. You should receive two emails, one of which has a passwordIf you are a returning user you will not get the second password email.  Just use the email/password combination from the last trip, or the forgot password feature to get a password reset. 

 Helpful Hint #6                 

The normal location to log in is here at, however, even at your trip specific site there is a location to enter your email address and password.  When you get the password, please copy and paste the password.